After studying textiles at the ” Ecole nationale supérieure des arts décoratifs “ Paris, Edith was trained in jewelry-making at the ” Escola Massana “ , Barcelona. She has since concentrated solely on the creation of contemporary jewelry.

Working solo, Edith creates the entire range of her jewelry in her Paris studio. Each piece is either unique or produced in a strictly limited series.

Her collections are simultaneously poetic and diverse. While each creation embodies a particular story, each one is the result  of a close dialogue with the material from which it is produced. She likes to surprise herself, knowing how to play with chance,  stopping only when she strikes the right balance. From Edith’s viewpoint, every type of material is interesting, none taking  precedence. Always experimenting, she allows one idea to lead to another.
Her byword is ” Create, and in creating, create oneself ”  J.P. Sartre.

Following several years residence in Berlin, she now lives and works in Paris.
Her studio is open to visitors by appointment only.