The ‘Cosmos’ collection is based on a set of one hundred unique brooches, organized in accordance with
a specific design. Each brooch is numbered and corresponds to one of the illustrations.
Collectively, they form a whole, a reflection of Edith’s universe. Separately, they are clearly unique.

Once a brooch is chosen, it leaves only the shadow of its existence on the design. And, so that the brooches
are not permanently cut off from each other, it was envisaged that purchasers can leave a trace
of their passage. A name, a photo, a drawing, a sign that will provide a link between the brooches,
and – in a totally different way – the entire collection of dispersed brooches….

The main object of this project will be to expand Edith’s universe to include all those who have chosen
to share her work, offering the possibility to meet up with each other.